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Clean Cut Canines is a unique grooming service in Greenfield, Indiana specializing in low stress grooming.  Our groomers work with one pet at a time, giving your pet one-on-one attention.  Your pet will be groomed immediately after drop off at our salon, eliminating long stays at the groomer.  Most pets are groomed within one to two hours, depending on size of dog, coat type, pet behavior, and coat condition.  Pets are picked up immediately after they're done with grooming, which drastically decreases the number of pets in the salon at once.  Also, we hand dry all of our pets  (no kennel/crate drying), so we do not crate your pet.  Our service is perfect for pets who get nervous in the presence of other animals and when being at the groomer's for hours.  Give us a try and see what a difference our low stress environment makes.  We look forward to meeting you and your pet! 
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